Thursday, March 11, 2010

March Project #1.... My Wine Cork Board

As promised, I'm sharing my March craft projects with you. I won't necessarily be posting these in order of completion since some of them are birthday cards & I don't want the recipients to see the posted pics before they actually receive their card. So here is my 1st project:

My wine cork board that I began a year ago...... Yep, a year ago. I was going along pretty well with it when I ran out of corks with grapes on them. I had decided to place 2 of those corks in each row and I needed 18 more! So, that meant one thing......I needed to drink 18 bottles of wine. Little did I know that some of the bottles I'd be buying didn't have the grapes on them. Nope, they only had numbers printed on the sides. So, that of course meant I'd need to buy & drink more than 18 bottles of wine. Once my husband & I finally finished off 20 something bottles, we were in the midst of our move & my little project took a backseat. Last Friday night, however, I decided to finish it up at my neighbors house. We've been trying to scrapbook on Friday nights, but I decided I'd work on something else instead. It didn't take very long to complete it & it was quite easy to cut through the corks (easier than I remembered it being last year).

My incomplete cork board I began a year ago

Close-up of completed cork board

My cork board in the dining room. Not really sure where to put it. I actually wish I'd begun laying the corks with the frame horizontal, but in the old kitchen, I had a narrow spot of wall where it would hang perfectly like this. If it were horizontal now, I'd hang it above the wine glasses. So for now it sits & leans.


amanda said...

That's the longest craft project I've ever heard of. But I think it turned out great! It looks great by the bowl of corks. Nice!

~Bettie said...

Thanks, Amanda
I think it really was one of the easiest, but longest projects I've ever done. LOL