Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday Obsessions ~ Wooden Bobbins

I've returned for another installment of my "Sunday Obsessions". I've been very busy lately and neglecting the blog. Ooops!

This obsession began the same way as the tool box obsession. When I purchased the green tool box for my dad, I wanted to send something to my mom as well. I perused some wonderful Etsy shops and happened upon EmmyLucy. I found a set of four vintage sewing bobbins. Knowing what a talented seamstress my mom is and how much she loves antiques and vintage collectibles, I thought she'd like the bobbins to display in her sewing room. I purchased the set and when they arrived, I wanted to keep them. However, I knew better so I sent them off to my mom. Then I set off to find some of my own..........

I found these at LOVEABUG

There are actually 14 of them!

After I made that purchase, I kept searching for more
and found these lovelies at ReginasStudio

I'm definitely not finished buying these old wooden spindles/bobbins, but I've had to put all shopping on hold until after our big move to Hawaii. Once we get there, I'll begin purchasing more. What am I planning to do with these? Oh, I have plans.....the ideas are flowing so quickly, I need to start jotting them down and sketching out the projects. Don't worry, I'll share the projects as they're completed.


artangel said...

Ooh they're great - I go through phases of collecting things too - at the moment it's old keys and bits of ceramics!

amanda said...

oh wow, how exciting! moving to hawaii!! where are you located now? and its always the best having great antique finds. and especially when you can use them to decorate a new place. :)

~Bettie said...

artangel~ I love old keys too. I actually bought some with a set of the bobbins.

amanda~ We're in CT now. The movers will be here in 3 weeks. Yikes! I hope I'll be ready.