Sunday, November 4, 2012

Muslin Pouch Advent Calendar

Pictured above is my muslin pouch advent calendar hanging 
in my dining room last Christmas.

I am working very hard to make pouches to list in my shop for this very purpose!
 I have one set complete and several more in process.  I'm hoping to have them
completed in the next day or so.  Once they're finished and I have a chance to
take photos, I'll be listing them in my shop.  Please note that the pouches I list
in my shop will not have the numbers stamped on them.  This will be a DIY sort of thing
if you wish to use them as an advent calendar.  It also offers flexibility if you would
like to use them as a 12 days of Christmas set for 2 children.  Or if you would
just like little muslin pouches for gift wrapping small trinkets.

Please check back soon as I am only making a few sets of pouches to list for sale!

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