Monday, June 15, 2009

Sunday Obsessions ~ Gray Hair

I'm a day late in posting this since yesterday was extremely busy. I couldn't skip this week, however because I think that this is the most appropriate time to share this particular obsession.

Yesterday, June 14th, was my 35th birthday and as time goes on, I seem to find more and more gray hair. I'm extremely obsessed with plucking each one I find. I'll stand in front of the mirror at some point every day with tweezers in hand searching for that silvery sparkle. Isn't that just a terrible thing to be concerned with? LOL

Here are some pictures from yesterday~~~

Edible flowers from my in-laws

My husband's attempt at creating a 35 with candles
on the chocolate ganache cake

The youngest and me blowing out the candles

This is me with the 3 kids.
As you can see, the older 2 are taller than I am. lol


victoria kloch said...

Happy Birthday!! I remember my daughters doing a once over my gray hairs. "Oh there's one" as they yanked it out. LOL. They dare not do it now. :-)

~Bettie said...

Thanks, Victoria
I wouldn't dare let my kids yank my hair out! LOL Sometimes I will ask my husband to check the back though. lol